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Recovery with high quality standards

The PSR Philosophy

We know exactly what medical devices are all about - and we know what athletes require. With Professional Sports Recovery, we combine exactly this know-how into our products that really help athletes get ahead. This is because they are medically proven, provide effective recovery and are easy to use all in one.

Medical know-how - the PSR foundation

SLK Medical Solutions develops and produces medical devices and supplies for the European market. In 2013, the company launched its further development of intermittent compression systems for professional sports. The feedback was so positive that PSR, Professional Sports Recovery GmbH founded in 2018.

We have used our many years of expertise in the medical and therapeutic field to launch a first-class medical product for performance recovery and treatment of injuries. Today, athletes, professional players and physical therapists throughout Europe use the V12 PRO system for recovery.

The PSR Team

Marion Otte

Marion Otte

Managing Partner


  • Certified Health and Case Manager

Areas of responsibility:

  • Contact person for general questions about Lymphology
  • Consultation for physical therapists and doctors


  • More than 30 years of experience in healthcare
  • Expert in all medical questions
  • Many years of experience in the field of compression therapy

The PSR Mission

With enthusiastic customers, fast service, qualified employees and high-quality products. We are on the way to becoming the market leader worldwide in compression therapy.

Our focus is always on the health of our athletes. It is the foundation of our performance.

Many years of commitment and healthcare expertise are applied to recovery and rehabilitation for athletes.