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Work hard, sleep smart

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Relaxing sleep is the best way to recover before or after sporting activities. However, it is not only important how long you sleep, but above all how well you sleep. You need the right mattress for a truly regenerative sleep that makes you fit to perform.

The PSR PRO Sleep mattress adapts optimally to your body shape. This relieves your muscles, but allows you to carry on sleeping comfortably. Self-motion of the joints is encouraged during sleep - and the next morning you are fully powered for training and competition!
PSR Pro Sleep
PSR Pro Sleep
PSR Pro Sleep
PSR Pro Sleep

PSR Pro Sleep


  1. Reversible mattress: one side offers hardness grade H3 - medium, one side offers hardness grade H4 - firm
  2. High-quality foam adapts optimally to different body shapes and weights and ensures maximum contact area
  3. Effective relief due to multi-layer foam design
  4. Silver ionized coating of the cover acts anti-bacterial, reduces the number of harmful germs
  5. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies

The three-layer system

1st layer
From 6 cm Hypersoft Foam
With incisions for optimal sinking behavior and breathability

2nd layer
From 12 cm Hypermax-Foam
With integrated Hypersoft core in the lumbar vertebra area

3rd layer
From 6 cm Hypermax-Foam
With incisions for effective relief
The three-layer system

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