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Innovative recovery for your upper bodyThe V12 PRO Jacket System

The V12 PRO jacket system is globally one of a kind. This 12-chamber compression jacket ensures that all muscle groups including shoulders, arms, ribs, chest and upper back are targeted during recovery session. The V12 PRO system uses intermittent compression therapy. A regulated pressure build-up and pressure reduction ensure that unnecessary fluid and metabolic waste products in the lymphatic system is removed effectively and gently at the same time.

Professional swimmers, triathletes, boxers and MMA fighters use the V12 PRO Jacket System to provide the perfect preparation for training and competition and to help them deliver maximum power and performance.

V12 PRO Jacket System:


  • V12 PRO compressor (white or black)
  • V12 PRO compression jacket with 12-chamber system
  • High-quality sports bag for safe travel, specially designed for carry-on luggage


We offer you our V12 PRO AirCase or our V12 PRO Transport Case! The high quality AirCase and Transport Case are specially designed to fit your travel needs.

Trust the experts

Your body and your health are your most important investments. The V12 PRO system is approved as a Class 2a medical device. It meets all safety, function and usage requirements. Physical therapists and doctors use the V12 PRO system as a complimentary product in rehabilitation and recovery therapy.

The V12 PRO system supports the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as swelling after surgery or inflammation. Both pain and the intensity of the swelling are significantly reduced resulting in a faster recovery.
Trust the experts

V12 PRO device in two versions

V12 Pro device

Your Health is an investment - Not an expense

The high-performance V12 PRO device effectively and gently removes excess fluid from your limbs. Thanks to the intelligent control system, you can easily operate your V12 PRO system yourself.
  • All products are developed and manufactured in Germany
  • German medical device of class 2a
  • Digital user-friendly display, allowing the user to adjust the pressure, inflation, deflation time and therapy duration precisely to specific training circumstances, injuries and other particular scenarios.
  • Very silent and powerful motor
  • After the therapy time has ended, the motor switches itself off automatically.

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