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How Recovery works
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Innovative technology
with 12 chambers
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Your muscles
will thank you

New standards in compression therapy

Intensive use of rest and relaxation time

The V12 PRO System prevents muscle tension and swelling after exercise. Use your resting time effectively for a noticeable improvement in mobility and more fit legs. The mobility you gain reduces your risk of injury as a result.

The muscle pump is stimulated and supported by repeated pressure flow from distal to proximal. The 12 air chambers distribute the pressure in a gentle and effective way on your legs, which leads to a noticeably more intensive and effective recovery.

Pneumatic compression has been shown to help your body remove waste products from your metabolism that occur during a hard training session or competition (e.g. blood lactate levels).

Innovative Function Principle with 12 chambers

The V12 PRO system is a user-friendly 12-chamber compression system. It helps you to recover rapidly and relieves the stressed muscle groups. In addition, the V12 PRO system has a positive effect in the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as swelling after surgery or inflammation. Both pain and the intensity of the swelling are significantly reduced. You will be fit and ready for daily activities in no time.

Your individual recovery system

It is crucial for the success of compression therapy that you use the appropriate treatment garment. Here are leg, pant, jacket and arm-shoulder garments. If necessary, you can also order them with an extension set. For an optimal fit for the garments we can customize them individually as needed.

Stimulate your muscles

A high-performance device with an intelligent control system. The device operates the 12 chambers of the treatment garment and fills them with air. The rhythmic build-up and reduction of the sequential pressure stimulates the muscle pump and improves the gas exchange and metabolism in the tissue. The pressure and duration of the therapy can be adjusted to suit your needs.


When the therapy begins, the 12 chambers of the treatment garment are controlled and filled with air. The duration of the inflation depends not only on the selected inflation time, but also on the body structure of the athlete and which body parts are to be treated. During the therapy, all other chambers of the treatment garment will gradually be filled one after the other.
All chambers remain inflated until the last chamber has reached the selected pressure. The air then simultaneously deflates from all chambers. This process removes tissue fluid in a proximal direction. The pressure can be adjusted precisely to the athlete needs. After a short break, the cycle is repeated starting with the first chamber all over again. A backlog of fluid is consequently avoided.


The rhythmic pressure build-up and pressure reduction stimulates and supports the muscle pump. The venous and lymphatic drainage is enhanced. The result is improved gas exchange and metabolism. The increase of the venous flow velocity also works by increasing Fibrinolysis (the body's own dissolving of a blood clot) in the blood and in the venous wall.


  • Fresh Myocardial Infarction
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Cardiac and Renal Edema
  • Decompensated Cardiac Insufficiency
  • Erysipelas
  • Severe, untreated high blood pressure
  • Acute soft tissue trauma of the limbs
  • Neuropathy
  • Occluding processes in the lymphatic stream area
  • Extensive thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or suspected thrombosis

Innovative recovery with V12 PRO

Our V12 PRO system helps you recover rapidly and relieves stress on the muscle groups you need most during training or competition. To achieve this, the V12 PRO system uses intermittent compression therapy. A regulated pressure build-up and pressure reduction ensure that excess fluid in the lymphatic system is removed effectively and gently at the same time.