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Leg System


The V3 Leg System works with 3 chambers surrounding the leg. The V3 device inflates and deflates the chambers rhythmically with compressed air. This supports drainage through the veins and lymphatic system. The gas exchange improves, the compression has a positive effect on the metabolism.

We have designed and implemented the V3 Leg System in such a way that it surrounds the legs including the foot and especially the toes. This prevents fluid from being pressed into or left behind at the foot.

Your V3 Leg system is compact and easy to use, which makes it a perfect recovery on - the - go product.
Backpack with Leg System
Backpack with Leg System

V3 Leg System:


  • V3 Device (Black)
  • 2x V3 Leg Garments with 3 chamber system  
  • High-quality backpack for safe travel, specially designed for carry-on luggage

Trust the experts

Your body and your health are your most important investments. The V12 PRO system is approved as a Class 2a medical device. It meets all safety, function and usage requirements.

The V3 System supports the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as swelling after surgery or inflammation. Both pain and the intensity of the swelling are significantly reduced resulting in a faster recovery.
Trust the experts

V3 device

V3 Pro device

Your Health is an investment - Not an expense

The high-performance V3 device effectively and gently removes excess fluid from your limbs. You can adapt to any training circumstance with selected option of 4 preset programs: Pre-Training, After Training, Massage and Rehab.
  • User-friendly display, where the user can choose 1 of the 4 preset programs to adapt to your training circumstances, injuries and other specific situations
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • German medical device of class 2a
  • Very silent and powerful
  • After the therapy time has ended, the motor switches itself off automatically.
For those who are looking for a cost-effective alternative, have an option to recover smart with our V3. Our innovative German technology of 3 chambers still provides the results you’re looking for in rapid recovery at an affordable price. Purchase also includes a high-quality backpack for safe travel.

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